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NBA Conference Semifinals Predictions

Ok, ok. We know what you’re thinking. “Why do I care about your predictions?” Let’s be honest; that was the best, and most unpredicted, first round of the playoffs ever. We hope you are enjoying it as much as we are. Hopefully Round 2 brings us 5 more game 7s…. Yes, I know that’s impossible.


Heat over Nets in 6. Brooklyn doesn’t really have any advantage over Miami. Team play and Joe Johnson going off might get them two wins. I don’t expect fireworks.

Wizards over Pacers in 7. The barometer for this series will depend on if the Pacers from the end of round 1 are for real. The Wizards proved that they can hit shots, get out and run, and bang in the paint against the Bulls. They are a talented an confident bunch.

Thunder over Clippers in 7. Thunder showed a lot of vulnerability against the Grizzlies as the Clippers did against the Warriors. Ultimately, I think the best players on the Thunder are capable of doing more than the best Clipper players.

Blazers over Spurs in 6. Forget the cliche about the Spurs being old, but I do think they are tired. The Blazers have been hot all season and are peaking now. I will favor youth and speed in this series, but consistent bench scoring from the Spurs can easily sway this in their favor. 


Heat over Nets in 7. Brooklyn may be really old but these guys hate the Heat and should give them a tough battle like they did all season. In the end, however, the Heat will prevail due to their superior level of talent and chemistry.

Pacers over Wizards in 7. The Pacers only barely pulled out the series against the Hawks and the Wizards proved they are a force to be reckoned with against the Bulls. I don’t feel great about this, but I have to hope that the Pacers will continue to pull things back together and beat a young Wizards team.     

Thunder over Clippers in 7. This should be a close fought series that could go either way. In the end, I am going to side with the more talented, albeit not as well coached, Thunder.

Spurs over Blazers in 6. The Spurs did not look great last round, but they were playing against an old rival that matched up well against them. I think that everything fell back into place the last game and they should be able to fend off a Portland team that had a really good matchup against Houston in round one.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The NBA Playoffs is upon us and we would be remiss if we didn’t post our first round predictions before the games started so that you all can laugh at us later!


Spurs in 5

Rockets in 7

Clippers in 6

Grizzlies in 7 (Upset special)

Pacers in 5 (This will either have us dominating… or us just imploding. I chose to have a positive outlook)

Bulls in 5

Nets in 6

Heat in 4


Spurs in 6 (I can easily see the Mavs taking this series)
Rockets in 5
Clippers in 7
Thunder in 5
Pacers in 5
Bulls in 6
Nets in 6
Heat in 4 (I really want to give Big Al and Kemba a game here but can’t bring myself to do it.)

After another hiatus, we are back in time to tell you who you shouldn’t have picked in your bracket. The non-major number 1 seed got shocked, the NFL Second Season is in full swing, and the NBA Playoff Picture does not include a naked Paul George.

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So the Super Bowl happened and we aren’t quite sure what to think. One of the greatest offenses of all time got dismantled, Andrew Bynum has found a new home, and we can’t wait to see the Russian judges’ figure skating scores.

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Coming out of our month-long hibernation, we are back with our Super Bowl analysis and picks. The Colts have some work to do in the offseason, the Marijuana Bowl will be played at some point this weekend, and the Pacers and Bulls are poised to have some roster changes in the next few months.

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With the College Football and NFL seasons drawing to a close, we break down what the post season has to offer. The Colts showed that they can play a complete game this Sunday, Nick Saban remains the highest paid college coach, and Las Vegas doesn’t think Auburn is going to show up for the Championship Game.

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After a wild week of NCAA and pro football, we are here to tell you what it all boils down to. The Colts pick up another ugly win against a sub-par team, Auburn changed the NCAA Football landscape, and the Pacers and Bulls seem to be headed in opposite directions.

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After a week into the NBA season, we are ready to preview it! The Indianapolis Neckbeards made another amazing comeback, the Dolphins are taking rookie hazing to a whole new level, and the powers that be have brought the NBA back to us.

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